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How to stop someone from spying on my phone
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A lot of people are constantly worried that someone might be spying on their phones, computers and social media accounts. These days, there are a lot of spywares that can help anyone spy on your devices and conversations easily. Most people know there is a possibility the government might be spying on them and the government makes us believe that such actions are to protect national security. While it is possible that some might be getting paranoid over nothing, there is actually a real chance, someone, somewhere is tapping your calls, reading your messages and tracking your every move. A lot of apps and softwares also steal and have access to private and sensitive data. There is also the possibility that you could have opened a web link that contains a malware or virus thereby infecting your device. A spouse, friend or acquaintance could also install a spyware on our devices without our knowledge. All these and many more are the various ways our privacy could be breached resulting in our private conversations being seen, heard or read by someone else.
Now that you know there is a possibility your conversations are being monitored, we know you will be interested in how to avert it or stop your conversations from being monitored in the event that it is not just a likelihood but something that is actually taking place. Before we go into that, we have to first consider why someone might be interested in your conversations.
There are many reasons why someone may want to spy on your devices or conversations. Some of these reasons are explained below.


This is one of the major reasons people spy on others. Someone that feels you are better than him or her in terms of looks, wealth or hierarchy might decide to spy on you. Most times, it is with malicious intent as they are usually on the lookout for information they can use to ruin you or bring you down.

Business Reasons

Another reason why a person or persons may decide to spy on others is for business reasons. People, especially those in a similar line of business may decide to spy on one another for competitive reasons or to confer some form of competitive advantage on themselves. In the business world, competitors strive to have an edge over others. The key goal is usually to have a larger share of the market and churn out more innovative products. Knowing what your competitor is planning can give you a competitive edge, you can even steal their innovations and strategies for your own business. Business growth globally is based on the survival of the fittest so people in a similar line of business are usually ready to give whatever it may take to edge out fellow competitors. Even though such actions might be criminal and unethical, corporate espionage and other forms of spying are not uncommon in the business world.

Identity Theft

For those who don't know what identity theft means, it simply means the deliberate use of someone else's identity, usually to gain a financial advantage or obtain credit benefits in the other person's name. The destruction caused by identity theft cannot be overemphasized as this has been known to cause a lifelong financial imbalance to victims. These acts are more often than not perpetrated by hackers.

Monetary Gains

Money they say is the root of all evil, it is also the main motivation behind most crimes and acts of criminality. Apart from good health, another thing people covet the most is wealth and money as the lack of it or the inability to earn enough to cater adequately for ones needs, wants and fantasies can result in depression, being withdrawn and low self esteem. Money makes the world go around. Rich people are important and tend to be taken seriously while the opinion of the poor is hardly respected. So for a lot of people, having access to someone’s conversations and devices is not an end in itself but a means to an end. And more often than not, the end is some form of monetary gain. By having access to someone’s conversations, sensitive business dealings might be compromised and payments diverted.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying otherwise known as cyber harassment is a form of bullying or harassment done through electronic means. The occurrence of cyber bullying is increasing at an alarming rate especially among teenagers. Typically, it occurs when someone, typically teens, bully or harass others on the internet, particularly on social media websites and platforms. It usually involves posting rumors, threats, sexual remarks, a victim’s personal information, embarrassing secrets and pejorative labels. Bullying or harassment can be identified by repeated behavior and intent to harm. Victims may experience low self-esteem, increased suicidal tendencies and a variety of negative emotional responses, including being scared, frustrated, angry, and depressed. So for some people, the reason why they might want to monitor your conversations is so they can bully and harass you.
Are you worried someone might be monitoring your phone? Here are some warning signs.

Your device seems slower

If your device seems slower than before then it is possible that your phone is being monitored. The presence of malware on a device can impact the performance of legitimate apps on a device. Not only does a device slow down based on the presence of a malware, the transmission as well can hinder the device’s network connection. It is important to know that there are some other reasons why your device functionality may slow down so as not to be misled. The presence of numerous applications can as well hinder the functionality of a device and not only that, the upgrade of a device operating system might also be culpable.

Your device is sending or receiving strange messages
Seeing messages that you didn’t actually send might also be an indication that your phone has been hacked.

New apps you didn’t install
It is possible for your device manufacturer to legitimately install apps on your phone, but if new apps are suddenly appearing, you may want to verify their authenticity as this might be a ploy to spy on you. Kindly make some research online to find out if those apps are credible and trustworthy.

Your device battery drains more quickly than before
The presence of malware constantly monitoring and capturing user activity means more energy, and this can result in the battering draining quickly.

Your device is hotter than before
The presence of malware or spy apps can also result in your device being hotter than usual.
Some other signs include:
Websites appear somewhat different
Some apps stops working properly
You notice an increased use in data or text messaging
Your cell phone bill shows unreasonable charges
Strange pop-ups
Your email on the device is getting blocked by spam filters
You are experiencing unusual service disruptions
Data breaches or leaks

What can I do if my device has been hacked?
There are several steps to be taken if your device has been hacked. Some of these steps include:
Wiping the phone: By wiping the phone, you would be automatically deleting all previous configurations made to the device as well as unusual data, unwanted settings and files, but before you do this, you should back up all your important files.
Installing an anti-virus: This will help to detect, prevent and resolve present and future threats.
You can also upgrade your device operating system.
Approach a professional


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