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  • Even though there are tons of spy apps available today, we say without mincing words that flexispy is one of the best, if not the best. The software offers more in-depth monitoring than any other spy app you can find in the market. It boasts of many standard features like call recording, call interception, reading sent and received messages and GPS tracking. The best part is that it is fully compatible with any mobile operating system. We recommend you look for online reviews of flexispy, you would be amazed at the number of people who find the app useful.

    Key Features
    Call Recording and Interception
    This feature allows you to intercept, listen and record any phone call made or received by the target phone. You can always listen to recorded calls at your convenience as recorded calls will be uploaded to your dashboard.

    GPS Tracking
    This feature allows you to track the location of the target. In case of an emergency, you will be able to locate the person. Parents find this feature very useful as they are usually interested in monitoring the whereabouts of their kids.

    Ambient Recording
    With this feature, you can use the microphone of the target phone to listen to happenings or conversations taking place around the target device.

    SMS Tracking
    This feature allows you read and see incoming and outgoing text messages.

    App Monitoring
    You can also track social media apps like facebook, instagram, twitter, viber, wechat e.t.c.

    The software is compatible with cell phones and tablets running on android or the iOS operating system. There is also a desktop version for windows operating system.
    This category of people will find the software very useful:

    Most parents are usually interested in monitoring their children’s phone for a number of reasons. The internet is a place for anything and everything and some of the things they might be exposed to might be inappropriate for their age. Also, cyber bullying is very rampant among teens and this has pushed some to committing suicide or be on the verge of committing suicide. To guard against all these, some parents opt to monitor their children’s phones.

    Firms and corporate organizations can also use this software to monitor the company owned devices of their employees. This is to ensure that the devices are being used for the purpose for which they are intended. Additionally, many organizations do this to guard against corporate espionage and also ensure that their employees are not having conversations that could harm the interest of the organization.

    If you feel your spouse is cheating on you or seeing someone else and you need proof of this, then, flexispy is your best bet. With this app, you can monitor their conversations and also track their current location.

    How to Install Flexispy
    The software is quite easy to install but you must bear in mind that you need to have access to the target device to install it. Using this service is practically impossible unless you have physical access to the target device. Find instructions on how to install flexispy.

    Key Things to note
    You need to have access to the target phone.
    The software is quite pricey.

    Other Benefits
    Totally undetectable
    Money back guarantee

    How much does this service cost?
    Flexipsy Extreme
    1 month – $199
    1 year – $349

    Flexispy Premium
    1 month – $68
    3 months – $99
    1 year – $149

    Bottom Line
    Flexispy gives great value for money though it comes at a high cost. It also boasts of great features and functionalities that are not available on other apps. We recommend you go for this software if it is something you can afford. Mspy is another good option you should consider. You can find our review of Mspy HERE..


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