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How to Hack Someone’s Phone without Touching It
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How to Hack a Phone

One of the major problems people face in their attempt to hack someone’s phone is the lack of physical access to the phone they want to hack. If they had access, they wouldn’t need any software to do the hacking for them. All that would be needed is just to pick up the phone and check the messages and conversations that are of interest to them. There is also the likelihood the device might have a pass code, in that case, having physical access to the device will still not grant you access to the device. We should also not forget that most people that want to hack someone’s phone do not want the intended target to know they are spying on them. Before we go further, we would like to reiterate that this article is intended for educational purposes only. We do not sanction any malicious use of the information herein.
In times past, spying on people basically involved hiring a private investigator to do the job or monitoring the intended target physically. With the explosion of technological innovations and mobile devices, cell phone spy apps are now the tools of first choice. By simply having access to their phones and conversations, you will know everything they are up to. Some of these apps even offer features that allow you monitor the location of the target. Little wonder the number of people subscribing to these services keeps rising day by day.
So how can I hack into someone’s phone without touching it?
Your best bet is to get a good cell phone monitoring app. Truth be told, most of these hacking apps require some form of physical access to the target device. The app needs to be installed on the device and once that is done, you can start monitoring the device from the dashboard of your online account.

Common Features of Cell Phone Tracking Apps

Hack SMS
Call Recording
Ambient Listening
Hack Keylogger
GPS Tracking
Hack Instant Messaging Applications
Hack and view Media Files
Hack Browsing History
View Contacts

Who can Use Cell Phone Tracking Apps


One thing that bothers most partners or spouses in a relationship is whether their partner is having an extra marital affair. The high rate of divorce these days suggests an underlying problem in marriages. In fact, infidelity is one of the major reasons why many marriages end. So when spouses start having suspicions their partners might be having an affair, they turn to these hacking apps.

Love Birds

It is not only married people that inquire about how to hack a partner’s cell phone. Even unmarried people such as boyfriends and girlfriends, and also fiancée/fiancé often inquire and seek for information regarding hacking.


We all know parents are always interested in the well being of their kids. Since most kids start using mobile devices at quite an early age, a number of parents have also taken parenting to the digital space by monitoring their mobile devices. Cyber bullying is quite common these days and young children are the most vulnerable. Additionally, some of the content they get exposed to on the internet might also be inappropriate for their age. All these explain why most parents decide to install phone monitoring apps on the devices of their kids.


Some organizations also monitor company issued devices of their employees. This is to ensure that employees are not having conversations that could harm the interest of their organization. Also, employees are fond of using the company’s resources for other purposes aside from what they are intended for. To guard against this, some companies install cell phone spy apps on the devices they provide in the workplace.

How to Hack a Cell Phone without having Access to It

The best way to do this is to use a technique called phishing. This requires sending a link to the target and then asking them to click it. Once they click the link, the software will be automatically installed on the target device and thus hacked. This will allow you monitor the cell phone from an online account. In most cases, you might not want to send a direct link to the target since you won’t want them to suspect what you are up to. In that case, you might need to devise other ingenious means to get this done. You can also hack and spy on iOS powered devices if you know the person’s Apple ID and password. All you need do is choose a cell phone hacking app of your choice and visit their official website. On the website, you are required to register and activate your account using the Apple ID and password of the target. Once this is done, you can start monitoring the target device.

How to Hack Spouse’s Phone

How to Hack Husband’s Android Phone

The best way to hack your husband’s phone is by sending a phishing link and having your husband click it. This method of hacking is a bit technical and requires little hacking knowledge.

How to Hack Husband’s iphone

To hack your husband’s iphone, all you need is his apple credential. We recommend flexispy for that.

How to Hack Wife’s Android Phone

The best way to hack your wife’s phone is pretty similar to that of husband. You would have to create a phishing link or file which is to be sent to your wife. If she happens to click it, you would gain access to her android phone.

How to Hack Wife’s iphone

To hack your wife’s iphone, you would be needing her apple credentials. This is needed to get the iphone hacked.

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How to Hack Girlfriend’s Android Phone

Hacking your girlfriend’s android phone without her knowing requires you sending a phishing link to her phone.

How to Hack Girlfriend’s iphone

To hack your girlfriend’s iphone, you would be needing her apple credential. It is usually very easy if you do.


How to Hack Fiancée’s/Fiancé’s Phone (iphone and android)

Hacking your fiancée’s/fiancé’s phone follows the same processes mentioned.

Cell Phone Monitoring Apps to Consider

Hack a cell phone using mSpy
Hack a cell phone using Flexispy
Hack a cell phone using Highster Mobile


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