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How can I Hack My Husband’s Social Media Accounts without him Knowing
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Truth be told, technological innovations have made our lives easier and better. And with each passing day, it keeps getting better. The last two decades has witnessed an explosion in mobile technological innovations. We now have smartphones, tablets, ipads and all kinds of mobile devices. Another addition to our everyday life is social media and with it came services like facebook, instagram, twitter, tinder, snapchat, pinterest, tumblr and many others too numerous to mention. Indeed, we are not only in the age of the internet but also in the age of social media and instant messaging. One can’t help but marvel at how much things have changed. Most of the things we now take for granted were inconceivable few decades.

These technological innovations have shattered the barriers and borders that once kept us apart as you can now sit in the comfort of your homes and chat with someone in another corner of the world. Applications like whatsapp, viber, telegram and a host of others have also made communication a lot easier with their instant messaging applications. Not only can you exchange text and media files such as pictures and videos, documents can also be shared using these services. Some of them even have a voice and video call feature. So you see what we mean when we say technological innovations have made our lives a whole lot easier and better.

While we all agree that these innovations have made our lives better, you would have to agree that it has also made most relationships more complicated. Every day, people meet and interact using these platforms but what partners do with their phones and on social media platforms is a major concern in most relationships and marriages. Most partners want to know the conversations their significant other is having as well as who they are chatting with. If you notice that your partner is always texting and chatting on social media platforms, you might need to probe further as that might be sign he or she is actually seeing someone although that is not sufficient to establish for a fact that your husband or wife is cheating as they could be chatting with friends or family members.

So once you notice your husband is fond of chatting or is overly protective of his mobile devices, you might need to probe further to find more clues. The key to finding more clues is reading his body language. You should also look out for behavioral changes that he didn’t exhibit before. When people start cheating on their significant other, you might be unable to account for their whereabouts. They will often return very late from work with made up excuses. You might also find them making secret calls or speaking in a low voice. Additionally, when you try to reach them, they might not return your calls for several hours. All these and many more are the signs to look out for.

Despite all the signs you have seen, there is still not enough proof he is cheating. Without concrete proof, all what you have seen are mere suspicions. Even if you mention all these things to them, most will out rightly deny the allegations and they will end up becoming smarter at covering their tracks. That leaves you with many questions with no answers in sight. Lack of trust eats gradually into a relationship and marriage and if trust is not restored, the whole thing might come crashing down in no time. Additionally, it is hard to love someone you don’t trust. And what’s a marriage with no love and trust. The next heading talks about the consequences of lack of trust in marriages.

Consequences of Lack of Trust in Marriages

If you don’t trust your husband and you feel they might be cheating on you, you and your relationship might start manifesting these signs.

Low Self Worth

It is not uncommon for wives who feel their husband might be cheating to start having a sense of low self worth. You start feeling you are not good enough since someone else now catches your husband’s fancy. Most people start feeling insecure about their looks and body. They start feeling they are not beautiful or sexy and that could lead to depression.


Lack of trust could also breed animosity and hate in marriages. You become bitter towards him and it might be difficult for you both to get along. All of a sudden, two love birds become strange bed fellows.

Quarrels and Heated Arguments

One should also expect incessant quarrels and disagreements over petty issues. Every now and then, inconsequential issues will lead to heated exchanges and things could even get physical.


Having a low feeling of self worth would often result in depression. And things could go terribly wrong from there. Some wives might start abusing drugs or develop psychological problems.

Marriage Dissolution

One major reason people cite for filing a divorce is what is termed irreconcilable differences. This is another way of saying there is a lot of distrust in the marriage and we can no longer be together.
So you want to spy on your husband’s social media accounts. The subsequent discussion talks about how to go about it.

How can I Access My Husband’s Social Media Accounts

There are a number of ways you can hack your husband’s social media accounts. Kindly go through the various ways mentioned below.

Guessing or Social Engineering

This involves simply trying to figure out your husband’s password on your own. It is assumed you will naturally know a lot about your spouse so figuring it out shouldn’t be too difficult. Most people usually use the name of their spouse, name of their kids, date of birth, pet names, e.t.c. as passwords. You can also try other characters they could possibly use. Once you are able to figure it out, you should be able to access their social media accounts since it is most likely they might be using the same user details across different platforms.

Spying Apps

A number of spying apps can also help you access your husband’s social media accounts. However, most of them need you to have access to his device to enable you install the app on it. In case he uses iOS powered devices, knowing his Apple ID and password will do the trick. For those who do not have physical access or know his Apple ID and password, devising crafty schemes to trick him into installing the app will be highly needed.


This involves sending a link to your husband which he is required to click. Once he clicks it, you will be able to see his log in credentials for the various social media services and apps. To do this, you need to download a phishing software that can hack social media accounts. Then create a fake website and use the website to send a phishing link to your husband


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