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how to track a phone without them knowing
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There are several ways you can track someone. On this page, we will be analyzing the methods you can use thereby bringing the most effective methods into limelight.

The Traditional Way to Spy on a Cheating Spouse without Detection

This method employs the use of a private investigator or private detective skills and expertise to unfold the truth regarding spousal loyalty/faithfulness. It involves tasking the investigator to continuously track and monitor the target physically without detection in order to discover if one’s partner is loyal or not. This method has been employed by both the rich and the poor in the past. It has also been portrayed in several movies. This method has been found to be very effective especially in ancient times when there was no other way to uncover the truth. These spies are very good at what they do and they are able to adapt to any place or situation just like a normal observer or spectator. They would go to places such as bars, cinemas, mosques, churches and several other places just to monitor the target. To this day, many people continue to employ the services of private investigators.

Tracking in Modern Times

How to Track a Phone without Detection

Tracking a Cell Phone Location (android and iOS) with a Hidden App

The invention of cell phone spy apps has made tracking and monitoring easier, arming people with adequate resources needed to resolve their tracking enquires. These days, people don’t have to worry so much about getting evidence on whether their wife or husband is cheating as there are more than enough digital footprints to explore. In fact, these footprints can be easily obtained without breaking a sweat. All it takes these days is for the wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend to install an app on their partner’s phones in order to get it hacked. And the most interesting aspect of these phone tracker apps is that you don’t even need to be a computer geek. Even a computer novice wouldn’t encounter problems using these apps.

SMS Tracker

There are lots of SMS trackers in the world today that can help you spy on someone’s messages. These mobile trackers are capable of providing you with all incoming and out going messages exchanged between two parties. With these SMS tracking apps, you can do the following without any difficulty:

• Girlfriend tracking
• Tracking of husband or hubby
• Wife tracking
• Boyfriend tracking

Phone Tracker

Advancement and modernization gave birth to the use of cell phone spying apps. This method of monitoring is the best since it provides access to concise and profound information. This method has several advantages some of which include;

Cost Effectiveness

This method of monitoring is very cost effective. There are various monitoring apps globally, and even the best of them which will be recommended below will still be much cheaper than the traditional method which could cost you several thousands of dollars or even more.


These softwares are very easy to use and it does not really matter if you are a novice or a tech savvy person. Additionally, the apps can be used at any time regardless of where the target may be and one does not even need to leave his or her comfort zone unlike the traditional method where the target may be followed wherever he or she goes.

Accurate and more Established Evidence

Digital evidences are more accurate and factual. It provides comprehensive information about the target. The traditional tracking method can only provide little information while the digital/electronic method provides more reliable information due to its sophisticated output. Many of the mobile phone trackers would provide the following;

• Live recordings
• GPS location tracker
• access to the target’s social media accounts
• access to text messages
• access to instant messaging apps
• call records
• keylogger
• browsing history and many more.

No Fabrication of the Truth

Humans may lie to you but computers will not. It is not uncommon for evidences to be fabricated or to be provided with misleading and inaccurate information. These tracker apps on the other hand will only provide precise, factual and exact evidences. So while humans can be deceitful, electronics methods will only report information in the exact way they are relayed without being doctored or fabricated.


Even though there are many apps to choose from, we say without mincing words that mspy is the best. The traditional method is cumbersome and physically tasking, so in this present age, we recommend you go for the electronic means of tracking someone.

Best Phone Tracker App without Permission


Mspy is a leading mobile phone tracker for smartphones that allows parents monitor text messages, calls, current GPS location, snapchat, whatsapp and many more. It has been used by millions of people and has been confirmed to be efficient and reliable and also affordable.

How does Mspy Work?

Mspy is a hidden app that works by collecting data from the target’s device, displaying it on your phone without the use of a browser. To monitor remotely without physical access to the device, the icloud login would be required.

Major Features of Mspy Mobile Tracker App Whatsapp Hack

Mspy will give you access to the target’s whatsapp and with this, you will be able to monitor all whatsapp conversations including all incoming messages, outgoing messages, audio files, videos and even deleted whatsapp messages.

Snapchat Hack

Mspy will also give you access to the target’s snapchat account without them knowing. Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms and it is not surprising why many people want to have access to it. Purchase mspy today to enjoy continuous monitoring of snapchat.

Facebook Messenger Spy

Mspy is also very effective for gaining access to facebook. If you are suspicious of your partner cheating on facebook, worry no more today. This app will give you access to all facebook messages shared between your partner and other people. Facebook is the most popular social media platform and almost anybody you find has a facebook account.

Instagram Hack

With mspy, it is also possible to gain access to and monitor your partners instagram account, thereby monitoring every move of your partner. Instagram is among the top most used social media platforms today and it is not uncommon for cheating partners to interact with the person they are seeing on instagram.

Call Log Monitoring

With mspy, you can also keep tabs on your partner’s call logs thereby scrutinizing all incoming and outgoing calls. Additionally, you can easily identity all the people that contact your partner on a regular basis.


One of the most important features of mspy is that you can easily use mspy to monitor every message sent or received by your partner. It doesn’t matter if it’s an iOS or android device. People often communicate via texting today and it is very revealing to those who want to spy on text messages to know that it can be done with mspy.

GPS Location Tracking

This goes to everyone out there who wants to know where their partner visits on the map. With mspy, you can easily monitor and track your partner’s location in real time. This will allow you monitor your partner’s movements, where they go and what time they went where. This feature will allow you decide whether your partner is lying or not.


Are you wondering what a keylogger is? A keylogger is a short term for keystroke logger. This tool is very useful in recording ever key stroke pressed by the target on his or device. Once the keylogger is installed, it runs in the background of the target’s device.

Photos and Videos Spy

Mspy can also give you access to pictures and videos on the target device.

Internet Usage Monitor

Mspy also gives you access to your partner’s browsing history, with this, you can easily know every website they visit.


Mspy is compatible with

And android devices.

Can it Work Anywhere?

Yes, Mspy works regardless of the cellular carrier network or the location of the target.

Using Find my Phone App to Track your Husband or Wife

Find my phone is another alternative app that can be used in tracking one’s wife or husband. To use find my phone mobile tracker, you’ll need to download the app and log in using the Apple ID of the person you want to track. Do not input your own Apple ID when you want to track as this would imply you are tracking your own phone. This app, find my phone has been successfully used by many to track their partners.

Limitations of Using Find My Phone

It can be used only if the target’s apple credential is logged in. In other words, find my phone will not work if your spouse, child or employee has not logged in into his or her account.


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