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How to hack someone's Whatsapp with just their phone number
17th May 2019 Admin 1 comments

There are several ways you can hack someone’s whatsapp messages. While some require advanced knowledge of coding in order to hack whatsapp messages, others require the use of spying softwares or applications to hack whatsapp messages.

Hacking of Whatsapp Messages

Whatsapp is the most popular instant messaging application today, so it is therefore not surprising why many people are interested in hacking WhatsApp messages or accounts of others. There are several instant messaging apps in the world today, some of which are viber, yahoo messenger, wechat, e.t.c. but none of them is as popular or widely used as whatsapp, thus, people are usually not interested in hacking these apps as much as they are interested in hacking whatsapp messages. Unlike other apps which that are popular in some geographical locations, whatsapp is popular in every country and continent of the world.

There are several reasons why someone would want to spy on or hack other people’s whatsapp messages or accounts. Some of the reasons are stated below;

Hacking of WhatsApp for Child Monitoring

The internet is one of the greatest innovations ever introduced by man. Asides being an avenue to exchange information, it also serves as a platform for storing information. Despite all the benefits offered by this innovation, it is not without its dark sides as it can become toxic to kids. Issues like cyber bullying and other form of manipulations have become widespread. It is therefore important for parents to keep tabs on their children and their usage of social media apps, and in order to do that, they might have to consider whatsapp hack, since whatsapp is the most popular. Children are dependants and could be influenced negatively on these apps especially whatsapp since it is more widely used. So to guide against the evils that comes with the usage of WhatsApp for messaging, patents are advised to monitor their kids’ WhatsApp messages and accounts. So since kids in general are more likely to use whatsapp rather than other instant messaging apps, parents are likely to be more interested in whatsapp hack.

Employee Monitoring

In some organizations that provide company owned electronic devices, it might be necessary to monitor the conversations of employees on their whatsapp account to ensure that their accounts are being used for the purpose for which they are intended. In addition, the workplace is filled with people from diverse backgrounds and you can never know for sure what they are up to. Thus, spying on their WhatsApp messages or conversations might help reveal whether the employee can be trusted or if they could be having conversations that could harm the interest of the organization through WhatsApp.

Confirming Spousal Faithfulness through WhatsApp

Another reason people spy on whatsapp messages is to see what their spouse is up to. For instance, someone might be suspecting his or her spouse is cheating but he or she might have no proof of this. By having access to their whatsapp messages, one would be able to see who they talk to and what they discuss. Nobody wants to love or be with the wrong person, thus one may have to consider hacking WhatsApp. If you need more information on how to hack your husband’s phone, please click here.

Confirmation of Curiosity through WhatsApp Hack

You can also confirm your suspicions or acquire evidence to be used in the court of law through whatsapp hack.

If you have somehow found yourself viewing this page then we can assume you are seeking for whatsapp hacking assistance or whatsapp hacking knowledge. There are several ways you can hack a whatsapp account or messages, if you are still wondering how to hack whatsapp, kindly go through the several ways presented below.

Using Whatsapp Web to Gain Access to a Whatsapp Account

This method can give you access to whatsapp messages but requires you have physical access to the target device to spy on or hack whatsapp messages. In other words, this method will not work unless you have physical access to the target device. You can view your husband’s whatsappmessages on a PC or on another phone. Find instructions on how to read your husband’s whatsapp messages on a PC below.

1. On your PC, go to

2. Open whatsapp on the target device.

3. Go to the menu, click settings and select whatsapp web.

4. Scan the QR code on your computer using the phone camera of the target device as you'll need to do this to be able to spy om WhatsApp messages.

5. You will be able to view your husband’s whatsapp messages once the scan is successful.

The Use of Softwares/Applications for Whatsapp Hack

There are several softwares and applications out there that can help you in hacking whatsapp, but the most notable and reliable ones are:


Using Flexispy to Hack WhatsApp Messages and Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Messages

This is by far the most popular and effective software for hacking WhatsApp. With flexispy, you can hack and retrieve deleted Whatsapp messages. It can be used to monitor and know everything that happens on a computer or smartphone no matter where you are. This app has been featured on TV programs, established websites as well as magazines some of which are Wired CNN, engadget, PLAYBOY, BBC, lifehacker, GIZMODO and many others. Flexispy works very well on all devices from computers to mobile devices. This software can also give you access to deleted WhatsApp messages.


Using Mspy to Hack WhatsApp Messages and Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Messages

This app is very useful when it comes to hacking of whatsapp accounts as well as whatsapp messages. With this app, you can keep track of every sent and received WhatsApp messages as well as whatsapp calls. The target’s call logs will also be accessible on this app.

For iOS devices, iCloud ID and password are required. Additionally, iCloud backup should be enabled on the device.

Physical access is required to hack WhatsApp if monitored Apple ID has 2-factor/2-step verification enabled.

This app gives you access to all WhatsApp messages (received, sent and even the ones that have been previously deleted). The time stamps and recipient names will also be available. Lastly, with mspy, you can monitor and view all WhatsApp multimedia messages such as pictures, audios, videos e.t.c. The best part is that the app is compatible with Android and IOS devices.

Using XNSPY to Hack WhatsApp Messages

This app is also very useful for whatsapp hacking and it is very efficient and effective.

The Use of Spyzie to Hack WhatsApp

Spyzie is another app you can use for WhatsApp spying and hacking.

How to Hack Whatsapp Messages without Having Access to the Target Phone

The last method for spying on whatsapp is for those who want access without having physical access to the target device and have advanced knowledge of coding and hacking, as they would require that to hack or spy on WhatsApp. If you are beginning to wonder if you can do this, the answer will most likely be no because it is basically for those with the knowledge of hacking. This method requires the coder or hacker, to customize a link and send it to the target, if the target should for any reason click the link, the virus that is camouflaged in the link will infect the device and make it penetrable. In conclusion, we believe that with the various methods we have explained above, no one should have any problem hacking a whatsapp account.


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