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How to spy on a cheating husband without touching his phone
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How can I Spy on my Husband’s Phone without Physically Installing Software on his Device

Are you interested in tracking your husband’s phone remotely or you want to know how to catch a cheating husband without having access to his phone and you are wondering if that can truly be done? Have you observed some irregular behavior in your spouse or you are worried that your husband maybe up to something and you are looking for a way to confirm your suspicions. If yes, we are happy to announce that you are in the right place as this article will be outlining ways you can remotely spy on his phone without having to physically install any software on his device in order to get it hacked.
Having remote access to your husband’s phone is the best way to find proof of infidelity, especially if you cannot physically access his phone. Monitoring without having physical access is possible, but there are several things to be considered before proceeding which are stated below.

Consequences of Hacking your Husband’s Phone without him Knowing


First of all, spying may not be legal in some jurisdiction so you have to be sure of what you are getting into so as not to get yourself in trouble while spying. Kindly consult any legal counsel of your choice for legal advice. Every jurisdiction has its own binding laws. What may be legal in some jurisdiction may land you in jail in another. To avoid any form of trouble while hacking, you have to understand how the law works in your jurisdiction before proceeding.

Are you prepared to know the truth?

The truth hurts and sometimes, you are better off not knowing the truth. Ignorance they say is bliss. Even though you have been seeing several signs which suggest your husband might be cheating, finding concrete proof for your suspicions is a different ball game. Before now, you were merely seeing signs which could be true or otherwise, but knowing the real situation might not go down well with you. So, you need to prepare your mind for whatever is about to unravel. Knowing the truth can result in unintended consequences such as depression or even suicide. Millions of people globally suffer from depression with infidelity being the cause in some cases. Often times, the victims of infidelity usually find themselves in a difficult situation which may be harmful to their wellbeing.

The truth may turn you into a monster overnight

Aside from suicide and depression, knowing the truth may also be catastrophic in many ways. In fact, it is not uncommon for a wife to harm or kill the husband after finding proof of infidelity. Cheating and lack of trust are the remote causes of homicides in some cases. So you have to be sure you can handle the truth, failure to handle it well might result in unintended consequences.


Although the truth can help you save your relationship, it can also ruin the relationship if the truth becomes unpalatable. Finding out the truth by hacking your husband’s phone may ruin your relationship so before you proceed, you have to consider the damage your findings can do to your relationship.

How would the other person feel?

An important question one has to consider before spying on her husband’s phone is how he will feel if he gets to know you spied on him. Finding out your wife spied on you might not augur well for the relationship. The person might lose interest in you and it might result in marital distrust. It is even worse when your suspicions turn out to be false and the intended target finds out he was being spied on. In such a situation, it would appear he was being wrongly accused and he might not take it lightly. To avoid making things worse, it is sometimes not advisable to spy on your husband. In most cases, you might end up being wrong and that could harm your marriage.
After reading all these, if you still want to proceed then you can read the rest of the article. This article is for educational purposes only. We do not sanction any malicious use of the information contained herein.

Best Phone Tracker App without Permission to Track your Hubby

Here are the best phone tracker apps to track your husband without permission
There are several softwares for spying, but we would only be recommending the best ones among them.


Mspy is a leading parental control app for smartphones that allows parents monitor text messages, calls, current gps location, snapchat, whatsapp and many more.

How does Mspy Work?

Mspy works by collecting data from the target’s device and displaying it on your phone without the use of a browser. To monitor remotely without physical access to the device, the icloud login would be required. This app helps parents monitor their children’s phone. A wife can also use it to hack her husband’s phone. The features offered by this app includes: monitoring of calls and text messages, gps location tracking, monitoring of social media platforms and instant messaging apps, keylogger e.t.c. It is not only the services provided by this app provider that makes it unique, they also provide 24/7customer care support.


Mspy is compatible with iOS and android devices.

Can it work anywhere?

Yes, Mspy works regardless of the cellular carrier network.

Track your Husband’s Smartphone with Highster Mobile

Highster mobile was created so parents can monitor their children and also for employers to monitor the company owned devices of the employees.

How does it Work?

To set up this service, you have to email a text or link to the target device and their automated system will set up the needful so monitoring can begin.
Steps for Installing Highster Mobile

Step 1

Download and install

Step 2

Activate the app by entering the license key which is provided immediately after payment.

Step 3

From your cellphone, login to use.


Works for both android and iOS Devices
Hack your Husband’s Phone with Mobistealth

This software has gained more prominence in recent times due to its reliability, effectiveness and user friendly interface.


Android devices
Symbian phones
Windows devices

The features of this app includes: monitoring of messenger, access to browsing history, monitoring of emails, monitoring of all incoming and outgoing calls e.t.c.

Spy on your Husband with Flexispy

The sophistication of this software cannot be overemphasized in that this software offers more advanced features than most of the available spy apps. This software makes it possible for you to control the activities on your husband's phone. With this app, you can block numbers, calls or text messages on the target's phone. You can also control the target's activities by restricting the target's phone from time to time.

Track your Husband with Spyera

Spyera is another reliable app that can give you access to your husband’s phone.
You can visit this page
  • Easy way to Spy on Spouse Cell Phone without Installing Software on the Target Device

  • Other Spy Apps to Consider for Tracking

    Track your husband with spyzie
    Spy on your husband with auto-forward
    Spy on your husband with Thetruthspy
    Spy on your husband with xnspy


    We hope we have been able to provide you with the information and resources you need to spy on your husband’s phone without him knowing. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. We will be glad to assist you and answer your questions.


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