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Track your Partner without them knowing
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Words like how can I track my partner without them knowing are quite popular internet searches. In fact, as you are reading this article right now, someone is typing these exact words and if he or she is lucky, this page might be one of the results they get for their internet search. These people are seeking answers to certain puzzles in their relationships and marriages. They have suspicions that something is not right and they have seen many clues suggesting one thing or the other. But without concrete proof, suspicions are merely what they are, suspicions. Ultimately, they come to the internet to look for tips, suggestions and solutions. These are the stories behind the internet searches on how to track your partner and other related topics. The internet is a vast database of information on anything and everything; it is therefore not surprising that most people come here to seek answers.
In this article, we will outline and discuss the various ways this can be done but first; we must reiterate that this article is intended for educational purposes only.
The major reason why people seek out ways they can track their partner is because they suspect their partner might be cheating on them. Many people have that gut feeling that their partner is up to something and most times, they are right. In fact, some partners might have cheated in the past promising never to do it again but as they say, a leopard cannot change its spots. Often times, one might notice that his or her partner receives strange calls and is overly protective of his or her phone. Other times, you cannot account for their whereabouts for hours and they would usually return with a made up story or it could be that your partner is always chatting on social media.
Even though the signs are there and you have seen many clues you are trying to piece together, that is not enough proof to conclude he or she is cheating and even if you confront him or her, they will mostly likely deny any wrongdoing and do their best to cover their tracks. We should also consider the possibility that you might be wrong. It might just be that you are feeling insecure and getting paranoid over clues and signs that are not out of the ordinary. In that case, you would have accused him or her wrongly and that could have unintended consequences on your relationship or marriage. So it is very important that one exercise extreme caution in handling an issue like this.
There are several ways one can track his or her partner, however, we recommend that you look at the various options closely to decide which is best suitable for your current situation. Additionally, you need to be absolutely sure you want to toe this path and you must put into consideration the various consequences your action might have on your relationship.
Below, we have outlined the various ways you can track your partner and know what he or she is up to.

The Traditional Method of Tracking your Partner
In times past before the advent of modern technology, spying or tracking a partner involved physically following the person around undetected with the main goal of eavesdropping on their conversations or finding out who they are going out to see. This method is quite crude and physically exhausting and there is the risk that one might be detected. A spouse is someone you know and live with and they will easily notice you while you are it. Therefore, one needs to be very careful to avoid being detected. Moreover, since you will not be able to get very close to the target, the information you gather might not be sufficient to prove anything.
You can also hire a private investigator. I know a lot of us have seen things like this play out in movies. A lot of people hire these guys to track their partner. They are usually well trained and the risk of being detected is very low. Private investigators are quite expensive but it is no doubt an effective means of tracking your partner. They make use of cameras and listening devices so you will most likely get pictures and recorded audio conversations.

Cell Phone Tracking Apps

In the last few decades, the world has witnessed an explosion of mobile technological innovations like smart phones, ipads and tablets. Consequently, attention has shifted from physical tracking to the tracking of mobile devices. Today, cell phone tracking apps have almost replaced the traditional ways of the past although the services of private investigators are still in demand. This method is quite affordable compared to hiring a private investigator. All you have to do is install a cell phone tracking app on the device of your partner and you will be able to view their phone data on an online platform or through an app on your phone. Even though there are a lot of spy apps to choose from, we have discovered that some of these apps put out misleading offers and there are others that do not work for the purpose for which they are intended. So make sure you do extensive research as well as read online reviews before you pay for any app. This article recommends the following spy apps:
Highster mobile
A good cell phone monitoring app will allow you do the following:
Track text messages
Monitor social media accounts
Track call logs and contact
Track GPS location
Track browsing history
Monitor emails
We believe this article has been able to arm you with all the information and resources you need to track your significant other. Kindly exercise extreme caution in going about this should you decide to track your partner and pay close attention to the caveats we mentioned in this article.


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