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How to Hack an iPhone without the Passcode
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How to Hack and Get into a Locked iphone

There are several reasons why one might need to hack an iPhone without passcode. For instance, it could be that someone entered the wrong passcode six times and your iPhone got disabled, you want to know what your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend is up to, or you bought a used iPhone but the previous user forgot to reset or give you the passcode. Another reason why you may need to hack an iphone is to know what your child is up to. When situations like this present itself, it can be very frustrating to say the least. Do you know that the password can be put aside when iPhone unlocking is the issue? Yes, you heard that right! You do not need a password to hack an iPhone at all. All you need do is follow any of the suitable methods outlined below in order to successfully hack and unlock an iphone passcode.

Use Lock Wiper to Bypass an iphone Passcode

The easiest and most recommended way to hack an iPhone without passcode is by using a specially designed unlocking tool - iMyFoneLockWiper. This tool can hack an iPhone lock screen and also remove iCloud account and Apple ID from an iPhone without the password. It lets you hack an iPhone like a Pro in just a few clicks.

Use Siri to Hack and Bypass an iPhone iOS 10.3 without Password

Have you heard about Siri bypassing? It is the best method available out there for unlocking iPhones without using a password at all. The best part is that it is not difficult to do. However, if Siri is not enabled on the iPhone you want to hack, you may have issues, but that can be solved quickly.
Follow the steps below to hack and unlock an iPhone with Siri.
Press and hold the home button of the iPhone,
then ask Siri, “hey Siri, what time is it?” If Siri is disabled, move to the next step.
Open “Control Center” and tap on “Clock”.
Tap on “+” button to add world clock.
Now on the search box type anything and tap on “Select All”, then select “Share”.
If you can’t see “Share”, then try a few more times to see it.
Then choose “Message”. Now type a name following “To:” and tap on “return”.
When the text changes to green, tap again. Locate "Create New Contact" and tap.
Click on Add Photo which is below the mugshot icon, click "Choose Photo".
You have just accessed the iPhone without a password.

Cons of Using Siri to Bypass an iphone Passcode

This method is only available for iOS 10.3.2 as it makes use of the loophole of that version. It only bypasses the locked screen instead of removing it. So you need to repeat the steps every time you want to access the device.

Use iTunes Restore to Unlock iPhone without Password

You can also make use of iTunes to open a locked screen. Below are steps you need to follow. Press down the power button until you see “Slide to Power Off”, power it off. Go to your PC and open iTunes. While holding down the home button, plug your iPhone into the PC. The device will power up in Recovery Mode. Click OK. Then, restore and update the device. iTunes will restore the iPhone.

Cons of Using iTunes to Bypass an iphone Passcode

If the restoring process takes more than 15 minutes, you need to repeat the steps again until it is finally completed.

Use iCloud to Hack or Unlock iPhone without Passcode

If the iPhone is linked to an iCloud account and you know the login information, you can hack it via iCloud server. Follow the steps below to use iCloud to unlock a locked screen. This can work for both iPhone and iPad. On your device or computer, open a web browser and go to iCloud official page. Sign in to iCloud with your details. Find the one called "Find iPhone" and open it. Click “All Devices” and select your device. Click “Erase iPhone” from the pop-up window. Confirm to proceed.

Cons of Using iCloud to Bypass an iphone Passcode

Your iPhone must have “Find My iPhone” enabled. This method will not work if your iPhone is not connected to the internet.

How to Track an iphone Location Remotely Using Find my Phone

If you didn’t know, yes, you can use find my phone to track your kids, husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend without them knowing. Kindly note that you would need the apple credential in order to get this done. You can’t track a phone with it without having the Apple credential.

How to Hack an iphone without Apple ID or Password

The Use of iphone Spy Apps to Hack an iphone Remotely

There are several iphone spy apps to be considered in order to spy on an iphone without the passcode. To learn more about the best iphone spy apps to consider click

Our Top Ten Cell Trackers. Our Top Ten Cell Trackers.

Jailbreaking an iphone

To use most of these spy apps efficiently, in most cases, you have to jailbreak the iphone in order to be able to install or make use of the softwares efficiently. Jailbreaking allows you to use Apple unauthorized applications on your iphone, with cydia being the most popular unofficial apple store.

Learn more about jailbreak.. Learn more about jailbreak

How to Spy on an iphone without Knowing the Password

This method requires you being very smart. It requires no real technique. All you have to do is watch the iphone user closely, and wait for him or her to drop the phone and leave and immediately the person leaves, you quickly get hold of the iphone before it locks automatically and make use of it to your satisfaction. Kindly note that you have to be very swift with this so as not to be caught while spying since the goal is to spy without detection.

How to Know or Get an iphone Passcode

Did you know that you can even know an iphone passcode without much stress??? To do this, all you have to do is to watch closely and peep on your partner when he or she is entering his or her passcode to get the phone unlocked. All you have to do is memorize the passcode and by entering the password and accessing his or her phone, every information you seek will be at your disposal.

The Bottom Line

The 4 methods mentioned in this article are those which can hack an iPhone without password when it's locked or disabled. Some methods have its requirements and limits of usage. But if you use the iPhone unlocker: iMyFoneLockWiper, you don't need to worry about whether it will work for you or not. It doesn't require anything to hack an iPhone. All you need to do is follow its interface and do a few clicks.


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