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How can i hack a gmail account
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One of the most popular email services available today is gmail. We also have yahoo mail, AOL, proton mail and a host of others. Yahoo mail used to be the most widely used email service in times past but they have been overtaken by gmail in recent years. Every day, internet searches related to hacking gmail accounts or google continue to dominate hacking searches on the internet. In fact, hacking gmail or google is the second most searched account hacking topic on the internet, the first being how to hack a facebook account.
Having access to a Google account gives access not only to Gmail but also to other google services such as YouTube, Drive, Hangouts, e.t.c. A lot of people actually think that hacking a google or gmail account is quite easy and that all that is needed is a hacking tool but in all sense of sincerity, it is easier said than done. In fact, gmail is not something you can easily crack. For a well established organisation like google, it goes without saying that they will have a lot of exceptional developers working day and night to secure the service.

Through the Bug Bounty Program, white-hat hackers and security researchers report security vulnerabilities to Google. These people are often rewarded and Google then takes necessary actions to fix the vulnerabilities. That does not however mean that a gmail account cannot be hacked. With the right information and appropriate tools, a gmail account can be hacked.
Like we always say, make sure you are familiar with the relevant laws in your jurisdiction as some of the things we will be talking about might be deemed illegal. It is therefore important that you deploy these tools and knowledge in the way and manner for which they are intended.
We reiterate that this article is for educational purposes and must not be used for malicious purposes.
In this article, we will be discussing ways you can hack a gmail account. But before we get into the discussion proper, it is important to know why someone might be interested in hacking a gmail account.

Why would someone want to hack a Gmail Account?
The advent of computers and several other electronic tools ushered the world into the digital age some decades ago. These technologies may have sounded a death knell on the ways of the past as communications have almost become entirely electronic, as such, there is little or no paper trail anymore. These days, all it takes to know virtually everything about someone is to have access to their social media accounts, mails, texts and chats which are all in an electronic form. Folks, our lives are our gadgets these days. Formal and informal interactions have been replaced with various electronic means of communication. With the enormous amount of conversations that people have on their devices and through various electronic means of communication, it is not surprising why someone might be interested in having access to someone else’s gmail account.

For some, it might just be an obsession, they just want to see what someone they have a crush on is up to, who they are seeing and what he or she is talking about in his or her mails. Parents might also be interested in the kind of communications their children are having. Children can be very vulnerable on these platforms as there have been cases of cyber bullying and exposure to inappropriate content. For these reasons, many parents might want to have access to the mails sent and received by their children.
Spouses might also be interested in their partner’s emails for reasons that have to do with suspicions of spousal infidelity. Often times, a husband or wife might notice certain signs that could be pointers to a cheating spouse. In order to have concrete proof and find proof for their suspicions, they resort to finding ways they can have access to their spouse’s mails without their knowledge. Some organizations also monitor the mails sent and received by employees using company issued devices. This is to ensure that employees are not sharing sensitive information or having conversations that are inimical to the interest of the organization.

Ways to hack a gmail account
Even though we reiterate that hacking a gmail account can prove very difficult, we submit that it is possible and can be done. In the discussion below, we have outlined a number of ways this can be done. We reiterate that this article is intended for educational purposes only, we do not sanction the malicious use of these information in any way.


One of the most widely used technique for hacking a gmail account password is phishing. The chances of successfully hacking a gmail account are very high with this technique. This method does not really require expert or technical knowledge to get a phishing page which might explain why this method is very popular these days. Phishing is a process of creating a duplicate copy of a reputed website’s page with the intention of stealing a user’s password or other sensitive information. In the context of hacking a gmail account, it would require creating a page which looks exactly like a Gmail login page but with a different URL like or which the intending user might not easily detect. When a user clicks on this URL, the link will take them to a gmail log in page lookalike where they will be required to enter their username and password. Once they do this, their account sign in information will be sent to the hacker that created the phishing page.

Social Engineering

Social engineering is another way one can hack a gmail account. This method does not require actual hacking per se in that it is basically a process of gathering information about someone whose account you need to hack or have access to. For this hacking method, you need information like the person’s date of birth, place of birth, native place, nickname, mobile number, boyfriend / girlfriend’s mobile number, mother’s name and maiden name e.t.c. The standard for most websites is to have a password reset option that requires choosing a security question. Typical questions are “what is your mother’s maiden name?”, “what is your nick name?”, “what is the name of your birth place?” So having gathered some information about the would be target, one might be able to provide answers to the person’s security question thereby having access to the person’s gmail account.


This tool is used to record the keystrokes of a computer. With this tool, you can record what is being typed on a computer keyboard and store it for use. Keyloggers run in the background. This tool records all the keys pressed and gives you a detailed report of when and what keys are used for what application. From the keylogger logs, one might see the gmail password of an account and other sensitive information such as bank account details and passwords and credit card details.

Plain Password Grabbing

This is another widely used method of hacking a gmail account. The method requires targeting a low quality website that the intended victim must have signed up on. All the hacker has to do is hack the website’s database and get stored username and password. Since most people use the same username and password for different websites where they are a registered member, having access to the user name and password automatically gives the hacker the account user name and the password of the intended target’s gmail account. Alternatively, the hacker can also create a website with the intention of using it to have access to a person’s gmail account. So whenever a user signs up on that particular website, their registration details will be stored on their database and with that, they can easily have access to someone’s gmail account.

Trojan Horses

This is a malicious program that is used to control and spy on a computer. These Trojan horses can come in many forms and they can also infect your computer system through various means. For instance, a software, pdf file or media files that you think is legit and harmless might actually be a trojan horse. In most cases, the intended target will not even know his or her system has been infected with a Trojan horse. Trojan horses runs in the background whilst processing, collecting and sending the needed information to the hacker. This hacking tool records the gmail password as it is being typed in the browser and then sends it to the hacker through the internet.

Monitoring/Spy Apps

A gmail account and password can also be hacked using a spy app. In fact, a number of these spy apps offer the keylogger feature that can help you record the person’s gmail password as it is being typed. From the keylogger log, you can see a record of what they typed and the apps for which they are intended. The website of thetruthspy claims their app can extract the data of a Gmail account along with the password. Spyzie and a host of others also offer similar features that might help you hack a gmail account.


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